Benefits Of Beer

2012 Health Benefits of Beer

July 25, 2015 - It's about time all us beer lovers had some good news about our favorite beverage. It has finally come to light that wine isn't the only alcholic beverage that has health benefits. Here are some good articles on the health benefits of beer.

Benefits of Beer

Beer is healthy! This is what recent studies have shown. In fact some research suggests that the benefits of beer might even exceed those of wine. So what is so great about beer?

Nutritional benefits

Beer contains a range of nutritional compounds that are very beneficial to the body:

Beer has several B complex vitamins, such as B2, B12 and B6, which promote hemoglobin formation among other good body functions.
Beer has several minerals elements including calcium, potassium, silicon, zinc, sodium, magnesium, niacin selenium and phosphorous.
It has no fat or cholesterol and minimal amounts of protein.
It has low levels of carbohydrates.

Beer Health Benefits

When consumed moderately the benefits of beer are most noticeable:

Beer reduces the incidences of kidney stone formation by dissolving away particles and toxins before the clump together to form larger deposits, which then have to pass through the urinary system in a very painful process.

Beer lowers blood insulin which reduces likelihood of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Beer improves blood circulation.

It can help to lower blood pressure levels.

The foliates (water soluble B vitamin) in beer lower the risk of coronary diseases by as much as 30%.

Light beer drinking reduces the chances of strokes by as much as 20%.

Beer has Flavanoids (natural plant oxidants) that fight free radicals in the body which are associated with many diseases including cancer.

The flavanoids in beer have estrogen-like properties from which it is possible to develop natural hormone replacement therapies for post-menopausal women. Dark beer has more flavanoids.

By raising the level of HDL (good cholesterol) beer can lower the risk of blood clots that cause strokes and thrombosis. This happens through the improved lining of blood vessels that reduces the chance of blood clot formation.

Beer is increasingly being touted for reducing the onset of several diseases related to natural aging.

The silicon in beer is also good for making the bones stronger and healthier. It increases bone density and helps avoid osteoporosis.

Beer promotes relaxation, lowers stress levels and improves sleeping.

Among the elderly, there are proven benefits in the areas of sleep, urinary function, bone density and widening of blood vessels.

The silicon in beer counters the neurotoxins that are associated with Alzheimerâs disease.

Beer drinking appears to reduce the onset of dementia.

Beer is over 90% water which means itâs good for flushing out the kidneys.

Studies have shown that beer improves the mental capacity in seniors especially in women. It has a positive effect on short-term memory, reasoning capacity and concentration.

It is mostly free of bacteria due to the techniques employed during brewing.

Hair conditioned with beer benefits from an improved sheen and glow.

Beer is an excellent ingredient in batters, gravies and soups. It also serves as a very good meat tenderizer.